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Full Of Hell - Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home

Crack Pie   (1945 reviews)

Posted: 08/26/2011 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Full Of Hell are a band that I've been fortunate enough to keep a watchful eye on. I have had the pleasure of reviewing two out of their three previous releases and have been impressed by both. Since then they've released an EP with Germany's Goldust that has shown the positive progression of the band. Now they are back with their first full length record released by the non-stop A389 Records.

Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home doesn't leave much to the imagination. Right from the start the band delves into a deepening sound. Layered with shards of bullshit noise (which I hate), an always impressive low end, plenty of speed and a viciousness to match their peers. The approach here is pretty evident as evil metal laced hardcore. Everything the band has needed to improve on they have done with each release. The sometimes monotonous vocals now vary between high and low. The fast parts are faster and slow are slower. Imagine a half-step slower Martyr Immortal era Pulling Teeth combined with a less chaotic early Converge. Not to say that this album doesn't have chaotic moments, but they are used in a perfect moderation that doesn't take away from the direct approach of a predominately hardcore band.

I was a bit skeptical going into this release. I had such high expectations for a young and promising band that I was sure to be let down. Fortunately everything these guys have promised with their previous releases has been delivered on their debut full length. If you haven't checked out Full Of Hell yet then be sure to get aboard this train because these guys are going to blow the fuck up. Buy their merch now, sell it to dumb hardcore kids tomorrow.

Full Of Hell was full of potential. With this album they have not only delivered, but demonstrated what it is to go above and beyond for a simple hardcore band and create something that only deserves the highest praise.

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que te follen
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great dudes, great band.
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Thanks Craley, you're the man
I have no legs!
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