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Full Scale Riot - empower

Crack Pie   (1843 reviews)

Posted: 12/11/2016 | Comments: 12 | Rate:

The web page that usually comes along with promos isn't loading for this release, so I don't have all that important information that usually comes along with it. I'm way too lazy to Google search it and I'm balls deep being disappointed with the Philadelphia Eagles right now, so this will have to do for an intro paragraph.

I do know that Full Scale Riot is based out of NYC and features members of a couple bands I can't remember. I also know that this is a Eulogy Records release, which is a label I wasn't even sure was around anymore. Anyway, it is kind of an obvious NYHC sound, but more Sick Of It All than Madball. As I'm half ass listening to the lyrics, it sounds pretty politically charged. Speaking of charged, the band reminds me of Charge, but without the "tribal" elements.

It might be my shitty laptop speakers, but the production sounds a bit thin. The vocals can be a little too prominent and some of the riffs are worthy of a little more punch. I do like these songs though when they come a little more straight forward with a classic hardcore/crossover sound. I appreciate some of the off the seemingly Burn inspired parts, but I think some of the songs could be cut in half and be more memorable.

I didn't like their last release, Depopulation, I do like empower. However, I don't love it. I like the direction they are headed in and the very things I complain about are probably what will make Full Scale Riot stand out in the crowd. Maybe their next record will be the one that turns some heads, but I think this will go relatively unnoticed. Having said all that, empower is certainly worth checking out if you've ever had an interest in hardcore, specifically NYHC.

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