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Actors: Raul Gederlini, Silvina Grippaldi, Luis Emilio Rodríguez, Gustavo D´Alessandro

Synopsis: Their only chance to find the killer, is to understand Dante's trip down to Hell...

Fifteen years ago, Francesca, the daughter of the renowned poet and playwright, Vittorio Viscont disappeared and now the community where she lived is stalked by a psychopath inspired by Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” who is determined to get rid of the “impure and damned souls” that live there. Moretti and Succo are the detectives assigned to finding the killer. Francesca has returned, but she is not be the same girl that she once was. The detectives are in a race against time to stop the murders.

The plot is fairly simple. There’s a murderer on the loose who wears a leather coat and gloves and a fedora that obscures the face. The murderer is a woman who is some sort of personal vendetta killing spree. Each of the murders curiously makes a reference to Dante’s “Inferno” and each of the victims in some way connected to the cold case of the disappearance of a little girl named Francesca. daughter of a noted literary historian, some fifteen years earlier.

Francesca is the story of a slasher told in the manner of a classic giallo film replete with sexual licentiousness, sexual impotency, and sexual deviancy. The film looks like it was taken directly from the age of giallo and we see this in the attention to detail. We are very aware of the directors, Luciano Onetti and Nicolas Onetti’s love and admiration for the genre is clear.

However something is missing and it is probably because I did not get a sense of urgency and fear that were such parts of giallo films. Moretti and Succo and their investigation do not appear to be motivated by any sense of urgency to find and stop this killer. There is also less gore than we are used to seeing in the classic form.

The film is a visual feast so the fact that the narrative is lacking does not really matter as we are wrapped up visually by the film. The Onettis recreate the giallo feel with the music, cinematography, set decoration, costume, special effects and performances. “Francesca” is impressive technically and aesthetically and is certainly worth seeing.



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