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Bong Of The Dead

WREN   (34 reviews)

Posted: 06/01/2012 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Actors: Simone Bailey, Mark Wynn, & Ty Harris

Synopsis: Two stoners figure out that zombie brains can be used to create super potent weed and go on a search to harvest their secret ingredient.

There are many films that I have seen over my nearly 30 years of existence that I tell people to turn off their brains if they want to enjoy this. Normally to get to that conclusion, I have to be the guinea pig that goes in with a level of expectation only to be let down but not completely. It’s very rare that, without much information, that I can know full-fledged that shutting off my brain is exactly what I need to do, in order to what I’m about to watch. Bong Of The Dead is the title of the film and if that doesn’t scream “this is going to be fucking stupid” then I don’t know what will. It was the level of stupid that I needed to find out.

The story is pretty par for the course of what you’d expect with a stoner zombie flick. The two leads are extreme pot heads that have found out that if you dry up zombie brains and mix it with water; you’ll create the super supplement that will grow the most potent weed on Earth. So naturally these too boneheads set out to find the “danger zone” with the most zombies so they can harvest the brains for their own personal weed consumption. After that setup you get your pretty typical zombie storyline. They end up shacked up in a building with zombies outside and the drama inside becomes more of the focus.

To cut right to the chase, this film is certainly not for everyone and I’ll even go as far as to say that it’s almost too much for some of the extreme indie-horror fans as well. While those involved did a lot of things right, we still have to remember that it was made on a $5000 budget with lead actors that didn’t have much screen time prior to this flick. The zombies look great and the two male leads (Mark Wynn and Jy Harris) did an excellent job of being a modern day Cheech & Chong, the lack of budget let’s itself known throughout with a lot of 3rd rate CGI and terrible dubbing of all the dialogue. (I’m assuming they couldn’t afford a boom mic).

I laughed a bunch while watching it and can appreciate the final product after knowing how little they had to work with. I’ve also seen way worse movies with far bigger budgets. This however is strictly limited to a very specific audience and I don’t fall into that category. While I really enjoy and appreciate films like The Toxic Avenger and Terror Firmer, I can’t get down on a lot of Troma Films. Bong Of The Dead is more for the people that LOVE every single Troma Film that has ever been released. Its low budget cheesiness will be eaten up by that select group of people and no other. People like me that live on the fringe of that world, will appreciate but not really like it. So if you find yourself in that target group, this film is for you.


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