Birthday: 06/03/1987 - 31 Yrs
Loc: Port Clinton, OH USA
Sex: Female

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warm breezes, chocolate, cuddling, bubbles bathes, clean sheets, nature, reading, metal, sand, thunderstorms, honesty, hemp jewelry, tube socks, , summer, photography, chapstick, ice cream, beaches, corn bread and chili, sunshine, dragonflies, bbq, laughter, mxc, peaches, hair dye, piano, aromatherepy, sharpies, mosh pits, lemonade, tiny kisses, manual cars, simplicity, family guy, slander, political music, people who aren't afraid to show emotion, goetzes candies, arm & hammer, RPG video games, exacto knives, openess, turtles, ceiling fans, spring, dusk, grilled food i don't act like a friends don't consider me a shouldn't either. i'm only a girl in the sence that i have a vagina and boobs. that's about it. okay. that'd be all. good day to you.

Other Information:

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: german, croatian, other words. I'M A FUCKING PASTEY BITCH
Religion: athiest
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : No
Children: someday
Education: in college
Occupation: IN COLLEGE!
Favorite Books: 1984
Instruments Played: piano
Favorite Movies: SAW, Mullholland DR., Monty Python, Anchorman
Pets: Cat
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