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D.T.A,F.T.W!!ask me about it. It really all started with my dad, he likes motorcycles, i went to a rally with him and the RVA13 boys and i got sucked in from there, i love it! My best bike rally quote yet,"i might have drove the truck, but i could still kick your ass, 13 bitches!!" Theres really nothing to say, i dont like military school. Um.. i do like people and people watching, thats always fun. Um.. BMXers are some of the coolest people you will ever meet, i gaurantee it. Here are the things I like, DUECE, Tha Fam!!!lol yes bmx is the only real sport if it aint 4130 who gives a shit!! this is glorious!!! riding my bike and trying stupid things on it, im into extreme walking, i like to think that my freind and i invented it but some say thats not true, meeting new people,sometimes, going to shows, i like starting mosh pits at shows and at my private school!! lets be honest, fighting, hanging out with freinds, i always try to do somthing pointless where ever i am, roadtrips to anywhere, riding in va beach! cops in va beach! haha uhh chillin in short pump with tha crew, all my pics were from this shiesty night flatland session i had so they kinda suck, i know. going to places with prep kids then making fun of them, 80's metal crashing other peoples homecomings, oh yea my new old chuck t's and.. yea dawg!! "aint it fun when you know that your gonna die young?"<-Guns and Roses oh if i dont answer your comment immedeatly its nuthin personal im at school most of the time and this site is blocked!!!

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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: White Power
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Children: NO
Education: college bitches!
Occupation: Biker/Student
Favorite Books: Fallen Angels
Instruments Played: vocals
Favorite Movies: Easyriders,Scarface
Pets: Dog