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skating, Eating food potatoes, cheese, sour cream, marshmellows, iced tea, iced cappacino, green skittles, reeses okay enough of that shit. waiting, wanting, needing, pleasing, kissing, hugging,crying, loving, talking, hating and writing. that was alot.hehe. um..driving in cars for really long periods of time.taking really hot showers, really hot days like 100 degrees, debate and forencis-ya im a nerdface,arguing ALOT, fighting, talking, watching porn and making fun, cigerettes, alcohol, drugs, THEBLED. buying things for people i love. buying things for myself.fuck, pants, underwear, bras, gloves, socks, shirts. THEBLED. singing in cars. drinking things. seeing things ive never seen before, drama-i dont like to "make drama" but if its there i love it. learning, knowing,and mmmm..yea i think thats it. now..HATE: fake people, bitches(besides me), people that "think" they are the shit and can beat anyones ass, homophobia, racism, abortions, our lovely president, crying, people that think they know eveything, people, being sad, the people i love being sad, being mad at the people i love...thats all for now..

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