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Let's see HI my name is Lanna eyem 15 and I live somewhere in Florida.God I hate this place...but some things I do like are..... KITTEHS,rainbows,poetry,EMO boyz...and girlz,BLOOD ^_^,horror flicks,chick flicks,biting...scratching...,drawing,painting, cuddling,sleeping,watching comedy central! veganism,guys who wear tight clothes, music, laughing,crying,anime,music,playing my bass guitar, singing in my band while playing my bass guitar, music,sarcasm,wit,insanity,throwing rocks at people, scaring little old ladies with evil glares, creeping out them preppy chicks, lets see...oh yeah and music....( and I also like people who leave me messages or reply to my messages when I send em :P) By the way, if you ever get the chance please visit my Xanga site at ^.^ enjoi I post stuff there everyday<333