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i have no life really ... otherwise i wouldn't b sittin here writin this ... but besides that im kinda bored bc my mom is out wit the man shes screwin n im stuck here wit his kids ... i hate my life bc dont have any friends at the school im goin to n i want to transfer schools but i just found out that that prolly wont b happenin n i have to return to the reality of my sad pathetic life at this other school. my dad bought me a winnie the pooh sweatshirt for christmas n ive never even been into anything disney in my life not to mention im about to turn sixteen .. wonder what he was smokin... feel depressed all the time n i feel like i need a boyfriend or sumthin to give me sum false security that somethin in my life is actually stable or normal in any degree ... well ... i prolly just scared most ppl off by now .. o well ... off to watch some more seinfeld .. i just got seasons 1&2 for christmas ... woop ... seinfeld definitly rocks!