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I love the computer. AIM Screen Name= ToxiCityLMC. I'm too weird. I suck at meeting people for the first time, but I'm cool once you get to know me. I love cutes. I'm not scene enough to pretend I'm not scene. I like to people watch, and play shadow. I hate Oxford, I want to live in New Jersey. I love my cam corder. I love my computer more. I like going on park tours. I love men in wet suits. I rock at dancing (ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, HxC). Little goth rat girls scare me. I like Cucumbers. I like taking pictures, and putting them on my Xanga to make it look like I have a life. I love Xanga, more then Myspace. Xanga=HeightsXcore. I Love Star Wars I like making techno music. I love The Heights still. I like to hair spray my hair. Linux pwnz Windows. HTML is fun. I rock at DDR. I don't do sports. Most dogs scare me. I love to sleep.

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