Birthday: 03/24/1990 - 29 Yrs
Loc: Newmarket, NH USA
Sex: Female

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well i have allot of interests i suppose well im in tae kwon do so all martial arts interest me. i love art im like obbsesed with it and i love to write and im very athletic, i like to cook,desing clothing,sew,and i m very politically involved,i do some charity work when i can but i also love to party and have fun with my friends and sence in bi i m interested in both guys and girls so idk yay for me and all that jazz :[ and i also love to be myslef and hate posers .

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: white as hell
Religion: wiccan
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: nope
Education: in HIGH school
Occupation: tkd instructing assistant and suthor aswell as many other things
Favorite Books: i don't have one i read too much to have a favorite book lol
Instruments Played: guitar,dulcimer,harmonica,clarinette,and other things