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I am 15. i am a freshmen at wccs high school. i am on the jv softball team. i like to hang with my buddies, skateboard, hunt, fish, watch tv listen to music and stuff like that. my parents dont realy trust me because i have a rotton attitude and iv snuck out 1 time and that 1 time i got busted. the kind of guys i like my parents hate. all i have ever wanted in life was for people to look up at me and realize im not that bad of a gurl. yea i have a pissis ass attitude at times but hell everybody does. when softball is over is when i start to be a bitch cause i dont have any reason to stay out of trouble other then next years softball season. i have never done drugs iv only been drunk like 2 times. so why people say im a druggie i have no idea but they arewrong. And personally i dont give a shit what they say cause me and my buddys know it aint true. im just a good lil gurl. untill i get pissed off when i get older i want to go in the army. i have wanted to do that since i was 10 and i dont care what anybody says ill always wanna go in the army. If i cant go in the army i wanna go to collage i guess. im not sure what for but hell iv got a lil bit of time till i decide.

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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: i dunno
Religion: dunno
Children: hell no im to young
Education: in high school
Occupation: goin to school and hangin out
Favorite Books: i dont read to much so i cant really say
Instruments Played: i wanna play the drums but my parents wont let me. (damn them parents!!!)
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