Birthday: 02/04/1992 - 27 Yrs
Loc: Flint, MI USA
Sex: Female

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Davey Havok, kissing, making out, hugging, burning paper, hanging in abdoned houses, running around in the rain, bisexual boys (It's a weakness....shoot me), goth boys, skaters, musicans, drummers (it was a summer thing...DONT ask), goth in general, grave yards, razors, Ville Valo, black eyeliner, love, depression, skateboarding, the color pink, Hello Kitty, Morgan and Mercedes Lander (Kittie), pretty emo girls (Alisha--<3<3<3), emo boys, emo in general, dark music, crushed velvet, candel wax, dried up flowers, dead roses, Mike (<3), local bands and concerts, sad songs, feeling special, feeling loved, and being Emo To The Core X (Right Alisha?)