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I'm a singer...I scream also. Photography is wonderful. Books.Books are me. Books make me sane(partially). I'm an actress. I write poems, lyrics, and novels. I'm a moshing goddess. I like rambling on about anything that's not important. I like kitty feets.They are so cute and fuzzy. My main interest is AJ,He's my angel,my love,my life. Without him I'm incomplete. I draw whenever I get the chance. Mostly of mystical beings and nautical stars, sketches of people and visions, scenes. I'm straight edge. I don't consider myself in a cult,and I like it this way. I'm friendly when you're not a douche. I'm out there, yes. And coming to your town soon! So be afraid.Grrr, very afraid. If you don't like me or talk shit *gasp* I don't care! I'm sure as hell not interested in pansy useless internet drama