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Fuck you. <3 i really dont care what people think of me anymore. im not self concious. im a confident person. but its funny some stupid bitches think its self centered. haha people are funny these days. i dont like the tv. mtv is worse. really it is. its bad for you. i dont like emo.pop.rap.poppishpunk. i hate people who fucking label themselfs. really. i know if i write more into detail people would get all bitchy. but thats ok. I'm not as scene as you and I don't care. I don't consider myself cooler than you. I don't consider myself someone important. Self consious people annoy me. no. not the self consious people. but the people who whine about it. to get compliments in return. i dont pay attention to those people anymore. they say oh im so ugly. i say well your also fat. or i just agree with them. be proud your not fucking dead. or disabled or have a disease. you dont have to look like those fucking anarexic [or however the fuck you spell it] girls on tv. People who want to commit suicude. or cut themselfs. really why do you do it. you say it helps you 'deal' with your pain. well the more 'emo' or 'goth' kids out there doing it. make those others want to do it so they could feel 'emo' or as 'goth' as them. when the hell did cutting yourself become a trend? really if you gonna kill yourself just fucking do it. dont be a puss. im a nice person. really. of your on my good side. most are. but a good few are on my worst. its kinda hard to get on my bad side. dont be scared. LIKES: eyeliner, fashion, makeup,hair,hips, biting, girls, boys, kittys,sucking, licking, flirting, lunchboxes, my derreck, hair pulling, when boys makeout, ANNOYING MARCEL! ha. running about, kissing, stealing,cuddling, hitting/violence, music, concerts, dancing, new people, poking, slapping, mall (not always to shop), going out, dressing up, MEN BELONG IN MAKEUP, borrowing cds, borrowing shoes, teasing, hugs from behind, rad<333

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