Birthday: 09/26/1989 - 29 Yrs
Loc: Springfield, PA USA
Sex: Female

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PURE SUNSHINE; I used to think that I could pass through life in a fantasy, that if I did enough drugs and dreamed hard enough then I could leave this hellish world on a permanent psychedelic holiday. I could become a piper with a patchwork jacket made of tweed, piping a flute through the fields of wheat in some Kansas of my mind's invention. All the buildings, the advertisements trying to sell me things, they would all drop away and I'd be free. But the reality of it was that I was stuck right here whether I liked it or not. ::: FUCK YOU; I'm never coming back. I'm never giving in. I'll never be the shine in your spit. I disconnect the act. I disconnect the dots. I disconnect the me in me. And you're mistaken; it's you that's faking. Living and breathing and dying too. This message is for anyone who dares to hear a fool. You can't bring me back, you can't bring me back. Cause I give it all back to you. Thru sacred alleys, the living wrecks. Wreak their havoc upon this world. The disenchanted, the romantics, the body and face and soul of you is gone down that deep black hole. Destroy the mind-destroy the body-but you cannot destroy the heart. And you, you make me so I need to disconnect. And you make it so real. I don't need your love to disconnect. To runaround kids in get-go cars, with Vaseline afterbirths and neon coughs. Galaxies full of nobodies giving us the farewell runarounds. I took a Virgin Mary axe to his sweet baby Jane, lost my innocence to a no good girl, scratch my face with anvil hands, and coil my tongue around a bumblebee mouth. And I give it all back to you. No way, I don't need it; I don't need your love to disconnect. And you make it, so real; I don't need your love to disconnect. ::: LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE; Take my photo off the wall if it just won't sing for you. Cause all that's left has gone away, and theres nothing left for you to prove. Oh look what you've done, You've made a fool of everyone. Oh well, it seems like such fun, Until you loose what you had won. Give me back my point of view, Cause' I just can't think for you. I can hardly hear you say, What should I do, Well you choose. Oh look what you've done, You've made a fool of everyone. Oh well, it seems like such fun, Until you loose what you had won. ::: Incense, Fire, Hemp, Music, Art (Drawing/Sketching), Sleep, Concerts, Photography, Thunderstorms, SPIN; MOVIES * Requiem for a Dream, Detroit Rock City, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Big Green, Hocus Pocus, Alice in Wonderland

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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Education: High School
Favorite Books: Chicken Soup
Instruments Played: Flute, represent
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