Birthday: 01/13/1989 - 30 Yrs
Loc: nowhereland,no where you wanna go Canada
Sex: Female

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HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY AWESOME PROFILE!!!!!!!!!COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME I LIKE TO MEET NEW PEOPLE IF I LIKE THE PERSON(I guess everybody's like that loll) sorry,I still don't have any pic so I'll describe myself physic: black and curly hair down to shoulders dark brown eyes fat lips 5 ft 5 inch I'm not thin but I'm not big,I'd say I'm chubby- I'm almost all the time alone and almost no one talks to me don't ask why.People just don't like me or something like that.I'm a true romantic(although I'm pervy-minded WATCH OUT!!!!!!!),a love loner(and single but I might be in love)and I'm very into all this shit.I'm bisexual and girls are also invited to write me.People just say rumors about me and stuff like that about that I'm bisexual and all that stuff but hey, who really cares YOU'RE NOT WITH THE ONE I'M SLEEPING WITH SO IF YOU'RE ALL LIKE:"OMG SHE LIKES GIRLS!!!",JUST GET A LIFE DUDE!Anyway,who would be so superficial I wouldn't,must suck.I'm always somewhere else IN MY HEAD.I guess it's to escape people and my life I do that but I don't mean it.Well it doesn't lead me good at school but...anyway...I like arts alot.I do some radio at my part of canada stations on usually movies but also once a month on fashion.I'm a singer-writer but the only thing is that I don't have my band;it's really shitty.I like poems because I can PUT MY THOUGHTS SOMEWHERE instead of putting it in the head of someone who'll probably tell it anyway.I also like photography especially surreal,abstract and goths.I like pop art(WOOT FOR ANDY WARHOLE!!!!).I' m vegetarian too.Well I never really liked meat and I like too much animals for that.I hope with all my heart that BUSH THIS FUCKING TERRORIST OF DEATH( HEY YOU IF YOU READ THIS GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR LIVES !!!!!!!!!)WILL NOT BE REELUTE!!! I'm the only one of the kind where i live so i always appreciate new friends i'm really sweet to people i love but when someone pisses me off i tell the way i think. By the way,for those who talk french,c'a va me faire plaisir de vous parler. Well I can't seem to find something else to find so you can always ask. Here are some random questions... What is your name? Stefanie but who cares... How old are you? 15 and all my teeth When is your Birthday? a day like january 13 (happy birthdays are welcome*grim*) What is your zodiac sign? ooh this one I know I'm capricorn Where were you born? Montreal (a really great place) Where do you live now? somewhere you don't wanna go What color eyes do you have? dark brown What color hair do you have? dyed black but naturally very dark brown How tall are you? 5 ft 5 How much do you weigh?guess it....if you do maybe you will win a cookie.No seriously I don't know but I'm chubby What is your race? human and you?Do you have another stupid question like that What is your worst fear? Heights and water Do you smoke? no Do you drink? sometimes I do Do you cuss? I have to admit that yes and alot...I shouldn't answered this one... Do you use drugs? no Have you ever or will you ever steal? yes I did and probably will again Are you dependable and/or trustworthy? yes I like to think so Do you play in a band or play an instrument? no but I'd really like to and I already had 2(the 1st one was punk(Disease)and the 2nd was something I'm not able to say(The Crying Trees) Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings? no tattoos but I plan to and I have 4 piercing and more to come If you had a favorite serial killer who would it be? I'd say Jack the Ripper or Ed Gein... Do you suffer from depression disorder? I used to... If you had a choice about how you wanted to die what would it be? I guess while sleeping or while having an orgasma Have you ever tried to commit suicide? no but I thought alot of it Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself or someone else? yes to me and others What subculture do you belong too? I don't know and I don't care Are you evil? don't ask Do you believe that you can be possesed? be possess

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: Mi-Italian,Mi-Irish
Religion: none but I'm not atheist
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: no
Education: huhhhh?
Occupation: student or singer
Favorite Books: humm...Salem from Stephen King
Instruments Played: none but I sing
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