Birthday: 10/28/1990 - 28 Yrs
Loc: Cambridge Springs, PA USA
Sex: Female

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My name is Mindie. My birthday is October 28th. I own a guitar which I can't play, and writing poetry makes me happy, when I'm depressed? Music is me. That's really all you need to know. As long as you like the same stuff as me, you'll be fine. If not, I dont mind. You can IM me anytime. I love to get new friends. But, I will still add you if you are extremely awesome. I like boys though especially ones who wear eyeliner. Hardcore boys just strike me, I dont know if it's the hair or the moshing, but I think it's really hot. I like to go to shows and all that jazz. I like a bunch of emo/indie and hardcore rock stuff. Oh well, well that's about me. Boring Aye? Yeah.I'm a very shy person, so you will have to make conversation. Sorry. So ask me questions if you want to know me better. I like hugs, kisses, stars, sunsets, the moon, boys, Dustin, screaming, biting, vampires, darkness, halloween, black hair, eyeliner, rouge, Frank Iero and lots of other things.