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___ahem. Well, I actually live no where near PA. I live in Canada. Ontario. And, it's really not too shabby. &__I love it; The Beatles. Fashion in the 1600's & in the 20's, 50's, 60's & 80's. 50's - 80's Music. Exquisite Poetry. History / ww1, ww2, war of 1812. Monty Python. Johnny Depp. Coffee Shops. John Lennon. Paul McCartney. Mythology. Green, Yellow & Purple Chucks. Leapord Print. Frank Sinatra. James Dean. Sophisticated People. Marilyn Monroe. Paris & Nicole. Offensively Tight 80's Rockstar Pants. Musicals. The Paranormal. Autumn. Vince Vaughn. Skilled Make-Up Artists. Vintage ; Pearls, Cherries, Red Lipstick Polkadots, Red Pumps. Fanfiction. Hair Ribbon.

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