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i love summer/i HATE winter. my friends have always been important to me.. and they always will be.. music is great.. i cant stand to be in a room without it.. even if im taking a shower.. hahaha I LOVE SKITTLES.-tASTE THE rAINBOW-BITCH. My name is Jamie.. but me and my friends spell it jaymee.... i have grown accustomed to that spelling but it really doesnt matter, now does it?... you never know whats good in your life untill it goes away. hmph that happens often.. even though i hate winter.. i love when it snows outside my house.. its so beautiful.. I love to take long walks and clear my head and think about nothing, but everything thats beautiful outside...... i love to go outside when its raining and listen to the rain drops hit the ground.. i hate when people judge you.. judge you b/c of the way you dress, talk or w/e, when really, they have no clue what you are really feeling or who u are... maybe one day ill go pyshco and kill you all.. hmmph no maybe not... i hate when people veiw my profile and dont leave anything.. if ur going to view it at least say hello.....i mean geesh, thats the nice thing to do!! i like to shop.. and i love new things... i hate people who act like little bitches, when you try to confront them about something they said about you.. i hate when people lie straight to your face.. i hate when people try to be something or someone they arent.. just fucking be you.. i guess i would say im book smart.. but i have NO common sense... absolutely none! I love to just be stupid sometimes... and not care what others have to think or say... And sometimes i like to break the rules... I love CaReBeArS.. they are my heroes.. haha!! I love to sit on my roof at night.. even though im not allowed.. and watch the stars... Im not athesit or totally religous.. but i do believe in god.. i wont try to push what i believe on others.. but if you are doing something i dont believe will benefit you then im going to tell you.. If i could have one dream it would be to get the fuck out of this hell whole.. called greene county.... Family is a fucking allusion.. dont believe in it... Dont believe the truth will set you free.. it will only get you in more trouble.. at least thats what happened to me.... i wish that i could find someone that will be there for me when i need them.. to love me when i need it and to tell me everything will be ok...even if its not going to .. I know that will never happen cause there is no one in this world worth it... I love to go out and party.. with friends or random people i dont know.. i love to just have funn... If anyone ever needs help i will always be there no matter what im doing i will always be there... esp if it is for my friends... I would say i am a very nice person.. just dont piss me off!! I drink.. yes i do.. and dont try to tell me that im in the wrong for doing it.. even if i am 15... i can still make my own decisions....even if they are bad for me.. sometimes i wish that i could just disappear.. and never return.... I hate when people try to tell me what to do.. thats my parentals job not yours!! I like to be independant.. and i am a very responsible person...when im not drunk.. I hate when people act like they are so much better than others...when they arent any better than the dirt on the ground... i cant stand being alone.... i play volleyball.. greatest sport alive.. OH damn i love it.. i hate feet!!... ewwww Napolean Dynamite... must i say anymore.. "hey Napolean give me some tots"... wow... I LOVE HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS.. yes, yes i do.. i smoke, unfortunately.. but i am trying to quit.. dont preach to me about how bad it is for you.. I know.. honestly i do.. i am a loving and gentle person, yet very shy, untill u get to know me.. I found this in someones profile and i thought it was totally true about me.. "I believe in Christianity as I believe th

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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: white
Religion: Christian..
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Children: maybe in a long time..
Education: high school...
Occupation: student
Favorite Books: none
Instruments Played: i tried.
Pets: Cat
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