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>SkAteboRdInG >LisTen To MusIc >DriNk (mIlk..BeEr..VodKa(whAt's bEtTer ThAn VoDka.. loll.. thEreS ManY ThiNgs BeTter Than But I lOvE it So MuCh) eTc >SnoWboaRd >WakEBoArD >..................... >MOrE AbOut MysElf=Im A GiRl.. DuUuH lOol.. And i'M SkaTer!! i'm 14.. i'M AbOut 5f5". My HaiRs ArE DaRk-BloNd aNd mY EyEs ArE LiKe.. DaRk-BrOwn lOol!!! I cAn tEll You MaNy ThInGs AbOuT mE But im ToO lAzY To WhRiTe It..

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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Religion: NoNe
Smoke? : Straight Edge
Drink? : Yes
Education: HiGh SchOol
Occupation: StuDenT