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Loc: United Kingdom
Sex: Female

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Music (see favorite music) Mates Lollipops spesh cherry ones Skateboarders with long hair and a pretty face ahhhh Fishnet clothing Lace clothing My band- i love you all my lil fairys Velvet Clothing Bondage clothes BONDAGE Accessories Beads:neckalces,bracelts,pins Spikes:necklaces,bracelts,random spikes DMS Vans DCS Duffs Black Pink Red Camden Market, it rules loads, work expirence there, yay! James from busted and Danny from McFly Gigs, spesh at the cellar bar!! Band Pracitces Roses Lillies Preety boys Long hair(spesh on boys) Dyed Hair, black,red,pink any great colour Tatooes Piercings Fluffy Stuff Shiny Stuff (oooooo) Disney Princesses(the cookies are sooooo yummmmi) Pepsi Max Dr Pepper Iron Bru Tizer Pictures and Postcards Barbie Festivals Designing and Making Clothes Shoppin! Skateboards Songs:writing Bass Guitar Drums Dancing Orginal and Wierd Stuff Girly Friday (hee hee) Victorian dresses Fairys Pixies Witches Hearts Emo Stars Retro Clothing Friends Sex and The CIty Blythe I love writing songs Emily the Strange Pucca Scary Miss Mary Ruby Gloom Chains Badges:me and bethany started off a great craze, along with the stirpyness n folders! Pins Patches Glow in The Dark Dog Collars Rings Beani hats AMY LEE and CHRISTINA SCABBIA Gothics Snow Thunder and Lightening (horni mode hee hee, nathan) Night Rain Strong people Eyes People who can be different without being fake, hard to pull off in my opinion! Walking in the rain Feeling pain, it makes you feel alive, might hurt for a second, but wow! Talking to myself People who can always make me laugh, even when i am upset, they are so rare, and they rule! (kat and emma, thats def you 2 babes!) Biting people (gently tho) Beng Crazy People biting my lips lightly, it feels sooo nice! Sleeping outside Being myself The Crow, Sleepy Hollow, Disney, Ginger Snaps 1, 2 n 3, The Craft, Sid n Nancy, Drop Dead Fred, Bettlejuice, Josie and the Pussycats n loads more! Huggs and Kisses Laughing a lot Smiling at random people My skull sneakers My DCS My DMs Plastic jewellery Chocolate Being a sexy bitch with nathan n florey Being my fairy self! Cutie emo dudes! Loud, very very loud music! Love Having fun with emo dudes Dancing in the mirror! Getting wasted Getting stoned My warm bed People who are bootiful ALL MY FRIENDLIES!!! Bethany Vernon Natalie O Fay Kellow Gemma Payne Bethany C Joe Illsley Kat Hickson Hollie Molenyeux Chris Florey James Wallace Nathan Washington Brett Halliday Emma Wright Rachel Bond Lil Sam Mel Bond Laila Kahn Vixey Wixey N

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Occupation: Stalker
Instruments Played: Bass Gee-tar, Electric Gee-tar, Drums, Clarient, Saxaphone, Piano