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Well....I love Jesus with all of my heart. Abstinnence. I like to go to shows, especially local bands because I like to support them. I freaking love hanging out with my friends and doing crazy fun stuff just for laughs. We watch lots of funny movies whether it is Adam Sandler, old disney movies, crazy pointless movies such as Napolean Dynamite, or rockin 80's movies, The goonies is the greatest movie of all times, Molly Ringwald ones are awsome too, they are all great! Jones soda is awsome! escpecially Fu Fu Berry. Taking care of my 9 children. I also love writing a lot, and I enjoy english class, becuase I am a geek. I also enjoy Greman class, but that's becuase its fun. Girls are mean, Guys are cool but I don't want a boyfriend, i broke a heart and it wasnt fun. I'm not a fan of teen relationships. red roses, is my sister I love her a lot, and featherlight is my brother in law I love him too. sacredheart is my best friend and I love her so much, check out their profiles. I Don't Like:drugs, drinking,smoking, math, and boys that smell bad.