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ook. first. if u so happen to be a bitch,whore, prep, or an ass hole. keep moving cause if you mess with me i will hunt you down and kill you. =] ------------------ I am actually not like other girls. I don't think I am pretty,hot,sexy,or whatever I hate how I look and always will, but I'm happy with who I am. I have the best friends ever. I like fire. I really do and thats bad. I have sooo many stories with me and fire none of them turned out good,but damn they were funny. I am always listening to music and if I am for some reason not I am singing. I have lost two very dear people to me in the last few months. I love jones soda. God damn and I am random. I love knowing someone loves me. I love lazor tag. I have ten fingers and toes none cut off and ended up in a yogurt or anything. I have a myspace if you want it ask me. If you want my screen name ask me I have a new one. I thought a pedsetrian was an alien =] .

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