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*-I'm your normal 'Teenager', I like going to shows,writing,hanging round my lovely friends,being with my amazing boyfriend christopher<3,Listening to Music,Skanking,Moshing,Having Fun, Doing What Kids Do*My Personality tends to be a bit different then everyone elses, I'm very odd and random, But I like it that way.. My Friends are fucking losers, But I love them for it,Explains why they mean they world to me,I enjoy talking to people on msn, and just having a laugh, I can be immature, but I know when it is time to buckle down and be serious, I do look older then I am, Which kind of sucks. I intend to act older too. If you want to talk just leave a comment or a PM I'm not going to bite, I'm a very nice person, that's if you don't Open your mouth and be rude,Most people like the way I am cause I'm blunt, I will tell you what you are doing that is bugging me and If you don't like it then Fuck you*Smiles* *-Dislikes... I Hate when people lie,mostly when they lie straight to your face,I dislike trendy bisexuals, I hate WHEN friends STAB you in the Back, common sense people if your a friend then be a true one, not some little teenage SLUT!..Well that should be good for now. ENJOY<3!

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Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: Some Day:)
Education: Studnet..Gr.9
Favorite Movies: A NightMare Before Christmas,And More:)
Pets: Cat
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[Silverstein_babe] [Kissez*of*Poison] [_*UnWanted*_] [Kissez*of*Poison] [dennisxisxmyxbitch] [xMomentsofWeakness] [xIwishedyouaway..] [xI.Fell.for.You]