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writing,watching some good horror flicks, Modeling- just got into IMTA so i'll be going to NY in July for the big convention with lots-o-agents!! im also a student at Babizon modeling and acting school, i like to act... it's great fun :) see if this training will get me anywhere this summer, agents scouts and managers from all over the world will be there :))) drawing, listening to music, the muppet babies, stars at night, forensics, going to the movies, laughing, (always)..*cory* :) ....then there is camping, going to shows, traveling/ just drivin around in the passenger seat, being around people cause im very socail when you get to know me im always open to learning new things.. watching people play the guitar.. its my favorite :), ..caring.. sour skittles... cheezits with orange juice.... Cory my sweety :) know ..... some of my favorite movies... the grudge, the craft, mystery alaska, any of the crow movies,(favorite is the lost city of angels) any of the godfather movies ( my favorite is the second one) any of the rocky movies ( favorite is rocky vs the russian guy) i have a bunch more... the harder i try the more we grow apart the sweeter the kiss the colder grows your heart the closer i get the more you're out of love the colder your touch the more it turns me on i see it in your eyes i feel it in your touch i taste it from your lips and baby i love you so much

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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: cocaision
Religion: no
Smoke? : Straight Edge
Drink? : Straight Edge
Education: sure why not
Occupation: student
Favorite Books: skellig