Birthday: 03/06/1989 - 30 Yrs
Loc: Philly, PA USA
Sex: Female

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I like: Standing out in the rain. Having imaginary Kung-Fu fights with Molli. People who are out to have a good time. Taking a long time getting ready after taking a shower. Being a jackass in pubilc, hey I get some good laughs. Warm weather [days that aren't too cold or too hot]. Ice cream fights, how yummy. Hair dye. People who can understand me [not a lot of them around]. Music, I can tolerate some ... anything but country, rap and gospel stuff. Black eyeliner. Someone I know I can trust. People who just don't care what anyone thinks about them. Fire. Pointy/Shiny objects. Hugs. My eyes. Kisses. Randomness. Roller Coasters. Watching Spongebob Squarepants. Skittles. Mountain Dew. My gorgeous boyfriend Dan <3! I dislike: The color pink. Marshmellows. Bugs [very scary]. Especially butterflies [no I'm not crazy]. Snow. People who tend to judge others by how they dress or who they hang out with. Having someone yell at me. Being annoyed. Slutty girls [ones who hardly wear any clothes]. People who can't take a joke. Fucking bright ass colors, they're painful to your eyes! My smile. When people put other's down and have absolutely no reason to. People who gossip. Hunters [that's just mean!]. Hummers ... they're not fuckin cars, they're tanks and they're ugly! Being alone. My family [with the exception of a few]. School. Porn. Myself.

Other Information:

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Straight
Religion: Don't have one, I`m special
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Children: No ... I'm only 16
Education: I suppose so ... 10th grade
Occupation: Being me(an) & a student @ FTC
Favorite Books: ... don't know ...
Instruments Played: ... none
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