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music, I'll try listening to everything once. I usually like the more indieish music though, if you will. I enjoy watching a select few good movies. (i.e. Big Fish, Amelie, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, United States of Leland, Garden State, Mortal Kombat, etc.) the '80s reign in the decade district, I <3 function myarray[5]="img/avatars/xxx.gif" document[img_name].src=myArray[img_id]; up myarray[57]="img/avatars/mushroom.gif" myarray[43]="img/avatars/phillies.gif" myarray[26]="img/avatars/upsidedowncross.gif" myarray[12]="img/avatars/teapot.gif" myarray[2]="img/avatars/potleaf.gif" myarray[54]="img/avatars/nightmarebeforechristmas.gif" myarray[37]="img/avatars/redx.gif" myarray[40]="img/avatars/raiders.gif" myarray[23]="img/avatars/steelers.gif" myarray[48]="img/avatars/cubs.gif" myarray[34]="img/avatars/ocross.gif" myarray[17]="img/avatars/kiss.gif" best myarray[20]="img/avatars/p.gif" myarray[7]="img/avatars/skullcross.gif" myarray[45]="img/avatars/wutang.gif" myarray[28]="img/avatars/strongbad.gif" myarray[31]="img/avatars/shamrock.gif" tautou myarray[14]="img/avatars/blackflag.gif" myarray[4]="img/avatars/beer.gif" & i hate people who try to be phony and suck up to other people. there's no real way to explain the way i am & i don't think you'll ever meet anyone like me.

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