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This girl she goes by the name of : Kara she simply loves <3 her friends. Summer. Night. Boys that like wear pink. Carebears. Pictures. Icecream. LipGloss. Writting Socks. Ducks. Strawberries. Reeses pieces. Laying outside and looking at stars. Shaggy Hair. Music. Pink. Staplers. Lolli pops. Cookie Dough. Walking in barefeet where the ocean and shoreline meet. She hates .x Moths. Fakes. Backstabers. Colds. Bad body odor Cruel people. Stupid pop up on computers. Having to wake up early. The sound of people chewing on there food with there mouths open. She can be artistic at times. + She has her own opinons. + Shes never been kissed. + she can be lazy. + She can be stupid. + she can be smart + She likes to have fun.

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Relationship Status: Single
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