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boys in eyeliner:Grey:rings:bracelets:bright eyes:peircings:bright colors:thrift stores:tight shirts:Betty Boop:Marilynn Monroe:Valentines Day:cutting out pictures and words from out of date magazines:winter:autumn:jean jackets:Elliot Smith:broken hearts:emo: kisses:singing:innocence:tears:blue berries:smiles:messy in-your-face hair:memories:glitter:stars:walking in the rain:sock monkeys:cheekbones:swing-sets:black hair:sad music:old music:driving:watching old movies: listening and making music:romances:holding hands:cuddling:hugs:clouds:posters:photographs:writing:photography:soap operas: thinking intimately:running eyeliner:pink:red lipstick:lips:hands:Jim Morrison:Tom Keeley:regular boys:rocky horror picture show. if you need to know more just ask me.

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