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I like driving aimlessly. I'm a bitch.Your most likely a cunt and I probably dont like you. My best friend is a big titty hoe named Melissa. I have recently been expelled from my school. I dont like old people they smell and have hair on their chins and ears. I'm fourteen bitch. I hate girls. They're dumb and fat. I judge people. I hate Vegas and I wish to leave as soon as possible. I hate myself. It's cool you should try it. I drink alot. Get over it hoes. I enjoy going to shows, but only when your not there. My friends are hotter then yours. I'm a material girl so fuck you. I dont trust people. I like bangs and watching girl do their make-up. Taking random pictures is art. I make art . My AIM screenames are: xforyoumylove or xo DYN0MiTE

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Relationship Status: Single
Ethnicity: Human.
Religion: Christian
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : No
Children: Nope.
Education: Yep.
Occupation: None
Favorite Books: The Big Book, Harry Potter, Anything from John Saul.
Instruments Played: Nope.
Favorite Movies: Anything scaryy =)
Pets: Dog
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[RegretThatKiss] [Thanks4ThatSummer] [LoveYouDontLove] [LoverYouDontLove] [xAccuseMe] [0BSCENE.]