Birthday: 01/01/1989 - 30 Yrs
Loc: Delran, NJ USA
Sex: Female

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Jessica Likes_____boys with piercings, bracelets, calogne, cars, cell phonescereal, cherries, christmas lights, cinnamon, coffee shops, cold nights, concerts, crafts, crying, cursive, depression, disney movies, drawing, dreams, duckies, emo boys, fairies, falling in love, family, fashion, finch, fishnets, friends, getting drunk, glitter, good smells, guitar tabs, guitars, hair clippies, hipbones, holograms, hot chocolate, ice, indie, innocence, jack daniels, jazz clubs, jelly bracelets, journals, lip gloss, lit, little boys shirts, livejournal, love, love songs, loving some one, lyrics, makeup, making new friends, making out, manchester united, marching band, marylin monroe, masterbating, mcdonalds, music, mutual friends, my room, necklaces, night time, oral sex, outkast, paintbrushes, paperclips, parties, pencial shavings, people with weird talents, phones, pins, plaid skirts, plastic, playing guitar, rainbows, reading, red, rimmed glasses, root beer, rubber duckies, salvation army, sex, showers, singing, socks, sparkles, spikey hair, stand up comedy, stars, stickers, summer, sunglasses, swaps, swimming, tattoos, tennis, texting, the little mermaid, the smell of rain, thrifting, watching movies, watching the stars, dirtbiking, 4 wheeling, acoustic, shows, crowd surfing, art, swing music, classical, opera, broadway, my friends: Jess, Nikki, Joelle, Miranda [[[Jessica is covered in a blanket on a sunday porch, thinking of weekends she would in the city, she doesn't have a flame she'd prefer to burn out like a torch if she gets nowhere in life at least she knows she's pretty she said "hey now the straw dogs out in the street, hey now....there's chemicals in the clouds hey now....they're calling all the police * but they won't get to us anyhow.]]]]

Other Information:

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: caucasian + hawaiian
Religion: christian
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: im having 8. Im looking for the potential father..:x
Education: Junior! high school.
Occupation: student. catering
Favorite Books: the lovely bones. and smack.
Instruments Played: i wish i was that talented...harmonica?