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"War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength"~George Orwell, 1984 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~so deep that it didn't even bleed and catch me off guard red handed now im far from lonley i sleep i still see you lying next to me so deep that i didnt even scream...fuck getting out of this place as soon as possible....i wanna go home (CA..jenny bre joe...)... and inless i have some reason to stay im getting the fuck out of here as soon as i can....... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a smart man once told me that your only happy when you choose to be and waiting for happyness to come to you by counting down a day at a time is no way to live and i replied daddy i'll try ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~im not much for celebrity infatuations but i do believe that Billy~Joe Armstrong from Greenday is quite possibly the hottest person that i have ever or will ever see ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i find the word gender bender extremely funny....hmm lets see...writing, photography is a new found outlet,reading (george orwell, anne rice, and tim burton~my hero~)my guitar and bass (once my dad breaks off a chunk of change for me i'll get my bass and a new guitar.. i KNOW he has the $), to tell you the truth i'de MUCH rather be playing the drums but i don't think im that cool...oh and i'de need someone to teach me,my motercycle (its nothing all to special a 2002-03 200 honda 4 stroke XR...but i LOVE street bikes....don't know to much about em though), cars (im a BIG hot rod lover-transams, cameros,firebirds,mustangs,baracudas,mach 1s, the occasional dads a mechanic so i've been fucking around with cars since i was knee high... yah i know its kinds odd and most doods find it creepy but i could care less...sept when you run into those air heads who shoot their mouth off about shit just to make themselves sound smart...or those crazy bitches who buy hot rods and fix them up only to make them look totally gay by adding spinners or a dumb ass spoiler or hood scoop),going to shows,music,skateboarding (i did for the longest time but i fucked up my knee cap a while back and really havent fallen back into it...i wish i did though...havent really found to many people out here who are all that into it), snowboarding on the occasion same with wakeboarding,breathing,sleeping,doods (havent really found one worth while yet....maybe im cursed....or ugly?....who the fuck knows.....its been that way forever... i'm used to being the chick with a lot of guy friends but no boyfriend...meh...), movies are nice but im not about to name all the ones i like only a few select donnie darko,bennie and june,the matrix is pretty rad,NM b4 x-mas, alice in wonderland and polly shore movies...there's so much more i could write but little that i have the urge to my motivation to do anything is a big lack there of these days....

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