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I like playin and listening to music. I play piano and drums. I hate rednecks and preppies (they all need to be shot!) I like laughing and pointing at people, Driving really fast. I like fire. I read (only if they are good books though) I like the colors pink, black, and purple, I like singing, Dancing, Flirting, BoYs, Going to Shows, GOD, he's so AWESOME and if ya don't know him you better find and meet him :)! I like sitting in the middle of the road in the dark, I have a facination with duck tape. I like getting on people's nerves, watching South Park, kicking myself in the butt, trying to fly like a bird (it doesn't work), drawing, stuffed animals, eating lots of food, puppies and kittens, sleeping till noon, twirling my flag (CoLoR GuArD), pushing people down, walking up hill, falling down, trying to skateboard, painting boy's fingernails, partying, burning and breaking things, cooking, watching SpongeBob SquarePants, wishing I was beautiful, having a smile upon my face because everyone says I have a cute smile (but I usually don't belive them). I like dolphins, being "nice" *smile*, saying stupid jokes that nobody laughs at, smelling flowers, plotting ways to kill Hillary Duff and all her kind. I like Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, shopping, going to the park and being stupid, loitering at Wal-Mart, I do alot of talking. haha. I like watching movies...hmmm I haven't figured out everything about myself yet and probaby never will...

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