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acoustic-ness, adam brody, anthro, bangs, big necklaces, black, blue and yellow, boy meets world, braces, bruce almighty, co-op, compact discs, computer, conor oberst, cuddling, cute things, dc shoes, doritos, drawing, drums, emo, eric and donna, fanlistings, food, fox and the hound, foxes, gilmore girls, goofy movie, grind, guitar, happiness, hoodies, hugs, hyperness, ice cubes, jesse lacey, josh groban, just married, konstantine, laughing, lime green, love, mini eggs, mittens, msn, music, nice guys, piano, piercings, punk,, rachel bilson, red, screamo, seth cohen, sev, shayna keens, shows, silver, slurpees, smallville, sour candy, that 70's show, the o.c, the secret of nimh, tom delonge, tom welling, topher grace, walks, whimps..:)