Birthday: 08/28/2005 - 14 Yrs
Loc: waldwick, NJ USA
Sex: Male

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Other Information:

Ethnicity: white
Religion: nah
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Favorite Movies: the big lebowski, american psycho, point break, training day, pulp fiction, death wish, clockwork orange, blue velvet, falling down, almost famous, predator, drugstore cowboy, drag me to hell
Pets: Dog
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[blOOdyRoMaNcE187] [Whenthesunsleeps] [AShatteredMidnight] [Itriedvoodooonce] [BlueEyedSuicide] [BambitheHooker] [DenTrabulaSinHifi] [CuriousOyster] [JimmyPlaidPants] [AsTheRootsUndo] [InTheNervousLight] [TheGodzilianEmpire] [ClimaxoftheVirus] [CuttingAway] [RemoveYourTeeth!] [Cuntainment] [PatrickFitForBattle] [RemoveYourTeeth!] [TheBloodofKingu] [WinterMadness] [Cuddlemonster] [RemoveYourTeeth] [JayReimenschneider] [JayRiemenschneider]