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Loc: Connecticut, CT USA
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mall,music, my stereo, hanging out-being the dumbass i am, my bed, chinese food, my refridgerator+ food inside, camping, mangos, guys, black eyeliner, winterfresh gum, markers, photography, concerts, hair dye, messy hair, surfers, the beach, sunsets, cheeeeeese, cheetos, meeting new people, being the center of attention, nail polish, shiny things, when your at a concert and the music is so loud you can feel your pants vibrating lol, pools, dryer sheets [the ones that smell good], cd-player, my posters+ pictures, vans [the shoes], converse, hair gel, hair spray, adidas perfume, axe sents kilo and essence, my friends show with the band [], going door to door asking people for eggs, playing in the rain, thunder storms, power outages[as long as i have my cd-player], playing in the mud, pizza, italian food, the color red, going to Lake Compounce, turkey sandwiches, chocolate, Office Space