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My Name is Chelsea, Im 19 =] I Have A Big Heart. Im Buddhist. I don't like fake people. I Love? Lemons With Salt=] I like to make people laugh Please don't make me cry. AIM= MissChelsea138 I Love Music, and Boxing =] I Want A Tattoo I Smoke To Much I Love Art I Hate Cops My Mom is Crazy I Want To Be A Graphic Designer or a Cosmetologist I Will Do Your hair I Will pierce ALMOST anything you want done. I think i am silly I Don't like hurting peoples feeling, but i will if they make me Alriight =] I Need A Ciggerate Im NOT perfect I Love My Daddy, And Wish he felt better. I Love Melanie.K! She is The Best Little Cuz anyone could ask for! I can't stand to watch people cry. If I Die, I want to be in the arms of my lover, or I want to go out in a convertable, and drive towards the cops while they are shooting me and I'm shooting them I love to Snuggle. Im not a BITCH unless if you want me to be. I don't trust many people. I Love Water. Im Kinda Sleepy. I have my Mario shirt on. Today Is CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I Think To Much. Im kinda sensitive. I Hate Jerks. I get along with a lot of people. Just Because Im A Girl, Doesn't Mean I Will Fuck You Mother Fucker I HATE most Girls Don't Tell Me You Love Me, When You Really Don't I Can Smell BULLSHIT from a mile away..So Dont play with me. I Hate Crying I Care about peoples feelings. I Need To Start taking care of my needs instead of other people. Don't try to use me I Love To Be Outside But I'm also a homebody. Don't get my hopes up, and crash them. I drink. Im very Hard Headed. If I Don't Like You, I Will Let You Know. I Hate Stupid People. I Want To Go To England. I Want To Get Married. Sometimes, I Have OCD. My Heart WAS Broken. I LOVE Playing Counter Strike In Walmart. Flash Bang. Head Shot. I Want A BIG Doggy. I Want to be Held. I Love watching Movies. I Hate SKANKS. But I LOVE Skanking I'm To Nice. I Like Money. I Need To Get My Nails Done. Yep =] People Call Me Miss Chelsea, Or Chelsea Chelsea. Okay. Im At My Dad's, And Im Bored. I Know How To Roll A Joint. I Have A Kitty Named Sid. I Want To Go Do Something. Gah. Yep. I'm Sick Of Feeling This Way Grr I'm Going To Beautie College I'M A SKANK KILLA I Like to help people with there problems I Feel like the fake people should get shot. I Dont trust really anyone. I have been hurt to many times I Feel as if i'm a strong women. Guys are REALLY getting on my bad side recently I Need Someone I can talk to I'm Sick of feeling like i set myself up for failure. So sick of guy's...Like no joke... I really just gosh I don't even know. Going To The STBA, Mustard Plug, and Red Shift show on the 11th. Favorite Movies: SLC Punk, Tank Girl, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Tears of the Sun, Death Becomes Her, The Fifth Element, Super Troopers, Blow, Half Baked, Death Proof, Night of the Living Dead, Red Dragon, Manhunt, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Team America, The Big Lawbowski, Bevis and ButtHead do America, South Park, Fox and the Hound, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, Robin Hood, Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood<3, White Chicks, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

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