Birthday: 12/07/1989 - 29 Yrs
Loc: Bonney Lake, WA USA
Sex: Female

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User: Uhoh its Jen!
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-my friends -food -Drumming -lots of different kinds of music -having fun -band -Elephants -writing -watching movies -making movies -people -candy -being happy -funny people -getting mail -talking -being a dork -Text messaging -listening to the radio. Ok so i like music...but unlike most people, music is NOT my life. MOVIES I LIKE::-A Very Long Engagement -any Adam Sandler movie -yeah, i like disney movies..fuck off. -The meaning of life -Benny and Joon -King Kong -The Dukes of Hazzard -American Pie I and II -American Wedding -40 Year Old Virgin -The People Under the Stairs -Sleepy Hollow -The "Bourne" movies -Oceans 11 and Oceans 12 -Austin Powers -Indiana Jones movies -James Bond movies -Dogma -Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back -Back to the Future -Mallrats -Jackass -House of Wax -The Evil Dead -Soylent Green -Fight Club -The Big Lebowski -Meet the Parents -Meet the Fockers -Drop Dead Gorgeous -Pretty Woman -How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days -Hitch -Shaun of the Dead -American Beauty -Bubba Ho Tep -Animal House -Beverly Hills Ninja -Tommy Boy -Bubble Boy -The Day After Tomorrow -Gladiator -Big -Splash -School of Rock -Star Wars movies -War of the Worlds -Edward Scissorhands -Jurassic Park movies -Donnie Darko -Jarhead -Pride and Prejudice -Hocus Pocus -Alien Vs. Predator -Fever Pitch -Office Space -Godfather movies -Cant hardly wait -South Park movie -The Crow -Down to Earth -Clockwork Orange -Office Space -Eurotrip ...and more.

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: psh..
Religion: i dont know anymore..
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: i have 16 dur!
Education: highschool bitchez
Occupation: psh..
Favorite Books: In a sunburned country, the oath, the visitation, night, flowers for algernon, prey, prep, the devil in the white city
Instruments Played: drums, flute, trumpet, trombone, baritone, clarinet, some sax, guitar, name it.
Favorite Movies: i posted them in my "interests"section after my actual interests. just look and youll see.
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