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heya, i'm gabby. i live in sacramento california. i kinda like it here. im a friendly person, i find myself to be way to passive and trusting, but hey i'm working on that. i have a love hate relationship with society but a high capacity for empathy toward the individual. i procrastinate a lot, i sing in the shower, i dance infront of mirror occasionally. who doesn't? don't know you do it too. i cna hold an intellectual conversation, and also be the biggest nerd in the world. i hate stereeotypes, but there is no way to avoid i try to ignore them as much as possible. i don't like labels either, but that as well in inevitable. i play the bass guitar, write lyrics, and poetry...i try to sign even though i sound dredful. i listen to metal, hardcore, 80s, alternative, thrash, indie, pop, i enjoy some rap and oldies. im a sucker for 50's swing. i'm a spontaneous person. i'm also the type of person who doesn't always feel they have to go out somewhere to have a good time...i can have fun just hanging out around the house, or going out. i like piercings, i myself only have my ears done, but i'm fixing to get more. h o t d a m n.