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have you ever wondered how you can be so lonely even though there are so many people arround? have you ever thought about what it would be like to just fucking disapear? do you ever think about who would miss you or even knotice you were gone? have you ever wondered how someone can tell you that they love you and then just cut you out of their life like you were some yoyo in thir hand? have you ever wanted to cut yourself off from the world just because you are sick of people fucking up your life when you do it enough yourself? have you ever been pressured in to doing somthing that you know doesnt feel right but done it because you thought that you could bring some of the joy that you are missing to someone elses life? i tell myself no regrets no sorrows but when the people i love abandon me what should i do? do i regret letting them in or do i regret what ever i did to make them hate me? so many questions so few answers wish some one would tell me what was right.

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