Birthday: 07/27/1989 - 30 Yrs
Loc: Nowheresville, NE USA
Sex: Female

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Stuff I like: Free concerts, cats, Policy (cross-x) debate, theater, sleeping in late, staying up late, wreaking havoc, choir, vegetarianism, book stores, coffee shops, chai tea, christmas, star-gazing, beaches, passive-agressiveness, flyers, psychology, english, sociology, French, laughing, henna tattoos, rating things on a scale of 1 to 10, inside jokes, indie record stores, GoodWill, my friends (for the most part), satire, making stuff, road trips, garage sales, thunder storms, headbands, emo, painting my toenails, zip-up sweatshirts, garlic bread, taco bell, accents, vanilla soft-serve icecream, slushies, messing with people's minds, deserts, sarcasm, reading, writing, poetry, music, lillies, mac & cheese, office supplies, marching band, metal lunchboxes, stickers and pins with stupid slogans, the internet, fruit, grape jelly, ballet, jewelry, musicals, mud fights, fire, quiz bowl, cartoons, secret codes for things, meticulously alphabetized CD collections, sexy kids with guitars, back rubs, inventing people and trying to convince my friends that they exist, office supplies, book stores, msn messenger, nuclear war, putting make-up on guys, untwisting paper clips, Michel Foucault, black and white photographs, bitching, poetry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stuff I don't like: Concrete thinking, math, school dances, meat, commercialism, anything and everything involving Fred Durst, close-minded people, homophobia, pretending to be something you aren't, my answering machine message, pancakes shaped like reproductive organs, those bracelets and stuff that have little spikes that look like hot glue, trend whores, coughing, egomaniacs, ebonics, the movie "You Got Served", the milkshake song, rap music as a whole, elitist pricks who think they are better than me because they listen to "more underground" music, ditziness, Justin Timberlake, greeting card holidays, neo-nazis, jynco pants, abortion, sports, chauvinistic males, posing for pictures, ignorance, people who are clingy, PDA, being lied to, peanut butter cookies, whipped cream, pep rallies, grinding as a style of dancing, slutty girls, cleaning, Linkin Park, bitchy girls who stand in front of my locker and refuse to move, sweater fetishes, going to meetings, having to sing above a high F sharp, cattiness, the sound of chalk against anything, brand new shoes, living in Nebraska, you.