Birthday: 12/04/1989 - 29 Yrs
Loc: irwin/pittsburgh, PA USA
Sex: Female

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I am very different from most people, I don't get along with people, they think i'm weird because I write in my notebook when everyone else is talking when we go out to eat, I have this creative personility that takes over all rational thinking. But lately I have been clicking with boys, and the girls just think i'm weird, so who knows. I guess it takes the right person to put up with me, someone who is quite messed up in an artsy-poetic sort of way. wanting something and then getting it, living life by your own rules, living up to your own expectations, standing up for what you believe in, creative people, making something out of nothing, poets, carrying around a notebook wherever you go, promises that are kept, being cut, pain, fear, putting my life in someone else`s hands,being who you are, black hair, pail skin, (anoxic) skinny boys and girl, bondage, cuffed dark denim jeans, tight shirts on guys, girly boys, boyish girls, light eyes, exposed hipbones, piercing`s, polka-dots, plaid, checks, argyle socks,Marilyn Monroe,Betty Paige, someone with my sense of humor, someone with their own look, trend setters, designers, artists, vegatarians, guys who wear girls clothes (not like a pink dress, like band teeshirts that were made for girls or tight pants that are girls, all though a guy in a pink dress would kind of be hot), boys who knit, shaggy hair, short pants with cool socks, black hoodies, black eyeliner especially on guys (yummy), romantic night, shows, emo kids, gauges, emo glasses like the ones I have, scars, boys who cry, showing your feelings, wearing your heat on your sleeve, blood, s & m, going to sleep and never waking up again, knives, finding an $100.00 pair of pants for $6.00, people who understand where I`m coming from, vintage and consignment shops, people who truly like me for me and care about me the way I care for them, change, beauty in little things, the cemetery, Utah (I know it sounds crazy but I really miss it, but once I get back it will probably be on my turn off list), honesty, emotions, being able to feel, crying (the taste of tears and wiping them away for someone`s cheek or licking them off), me (as a person), getting inside your soul, saying something (a quote, a painting, anything) that really gets under you skin or has an effect on you for the rest of your life (a good thing, not evil, well unless it`s kinky evil, then thatss good, smile:-), Sigor Ros, taking back Sunday, dead low tide, as friends rust, pretty girls make graves, blood brothers, dashboard confessional, popband Alice, from atume to ashes, sleepovers where you actually sleep, sleeping in, girls are hot (I like to look at them, I really don`t get along with them though, well I really don`t get along with anyone, like I have tons of friends but they are so fake I know they really don`t care, I care, fuck them, actually like 2 really care maybe even only one,nothing to do in this stupid hick town,and I have no friends here, people are nice here, but so fake and not like me at all),, my journal, pictures, notebooks, my friends, intelligence, nerds, dorks, geeks, school girl outfits, stars,open-minded people, The Crow series, House of 1000 corpeses,The nightmare b4 xmas,poems and writing.Strangers feelings is the best feeling I have ever really cared for and got emotional, it really touches me), Sally, boys who like and own girly things(like a folder or sleeping with a stuffed animal), boys who paint there nails (oh baby), innocence, black angel wings, black wedding dresses(we all know it won`t last), red roses, pictures of people with blood all over them, black and white photos, art schools, artsy people, kurt cobain, girls in suits, messy hair, news boy hats, top hats, dark purple and black, red and black, pink and black,black and white, black and black, black and cranberry red, cranberry red and dark purple(I would try to be a future fashion designer,(and will you tell all you friends you`ve got your gun to my head), morbid things a

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: white.
Religion: Atheist
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : No
Children: No
Education: High School
Occupation: Artist
Favorite Books: Anything by edgar allen poe
Instruments Played: piano