Birthday: 02/17/2004 - 15 Yrs
Loc: Colorado Springs, CO USA
Sex: Male

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recording shitty music with my band N/A. pissing people off and listening to good music. Eating is always enjoable. Writing, reading. Peeing on people. writing interests in this interest box, its really really fun. I don't know what do you think my interests should be? What do you know your dumb...I hate you shut up... I'm sorry i still love you. sny way i like ranting about nonsense and writing any with an s. watching cartoons is fun, or montey python. and the twilight zone buut its never on and mst3k. anarchy, anarchy anarchyanarchy and more anarchy... or socialism but then again that is anarchy, making republicans mad, democrats too for that matter, anarchy!!!! read noam chomsky and you'll agree... old sci fi movies, and some new ones i guess.

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Desperate
Orientation: Straight
Religion: JEDI
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: nope
Education: college student
Occupation: librarian (tech support for a library)
Favorite Books: farienhiet 451, childhoods end
Instruments Played: guitar, trumpet, bass, accordian, piano, harmonica