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Agonized Soul.....unforgetful thoughts echo in my head/thoughts of you wanting me dead/sitting all alone in a room full of mirriors/wishing death in blood that gently smears/this pain shatters myself being/I can't stand this, life is forbidding/your smile is my death/cutting short of my breath/my cuts are your happiness/yet you clutter upon my sadness/blade meets upon my wrist/reasons why go down a big list/as blades go deep within my vain/sudden rush relieves my pain/struck by screams of wishing the end/and my life suddenly starts to descend/bruised knuckles/and I hear your chuckles/imprints on my heart of your grabbings/traces of knife stabbings/I hear an ungrateful changting and hum/living body goes numb/falling for all your lies/the only warmth I feel are my tears dropping from my swollen eyes/and the blood dripping down onto the floor/and I beg for no more/my dying body shivers without peace of mind/such depondency I try not to find/not feeling is what I crave/feeling desperation I've become a slave/living is my extinction/I have become a desolation/feeling numb is what I shed for/from all the pain and cutting up I now feel sore/without a living soul to care/I could no longer breath this air/sounds of heartbeats slowly dissolve/as my death slowly starts to evolve/I fall to the ground/with another body left to be found/love as my worst enemy I choke in my blood/as death penetrates through my body I become a sudden flood

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