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hanging out with my Metal mates at grafton(grave yard :0) chilling to sum good sounds (aka-hardcore punk,death metal,old skool punk,etc etc) being anywhere that aint home,school or anyother place that has god damn fuking rules!!(GRRRR I HATE FUKING RULES) life is like a bolw of jelly beans=every1 hates the black 1z(heard my englis teacher say that to sum dude in my class,not really what 1 should be saying to 1z student??) life hates anything thats not classed as "NORMAL" eg-yellow shoes,pink shocks,Sum kid walking down the road with a shit load of percings,patches,red and black checkered shoes,ripped stockings,werid make up and fuked up hair!!yes if you see this person it is me.okay maybe i am werid but plz dont do what "NORMAL" people do and cross the road. i really aint that werid im just a little lost all the time!!( te hehe-nervous laugh)