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Hi,my names samo, i only wish to be an only child://, i like purple, books are gross, pigeons piss me off, band-aids are cool, root beer soda is such a turn on, also, chuck norris can tie his shoes with his feet, pencils are stupid, i prefer pens, horses are faster but camels are smarter :o, the ocean is filled with whale sperm (if you didnt knw tht), algebra can fuck a goat, toilet paper is a success,wonders off topic,forgets things.. srry i dont mean too=3rain,puddles,dirt=P Hate Labels>... not trying to impress anyone,im myself. stands out of the crowd,dont want to get lost in it ^^ dont judge,u just make ur self look like a dweeb be real..or suck a**. does have a heart..just has a hard time showing it just comment me and get to know me, not messages..they piss me off. c: btw,i have a boyfriend so dnt flirt c:

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Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Ethnicity: asian BITCH!!!
Religion: don't have any
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: maybe
Education: hmmmmmm
Occupation: wtf??
Favorite Books: edgar allen poe
Instruments Played: guitar, clarinet, bit of piano
Favorite Movies: dead slience
Pets: Snake
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[emptysoul101] [miley&spencer.] [emptysoul101]