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Loc: palmdale, CA USA
Sex: Female

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your mom! just kidding...or am i?! well, i love music! a little bit of everything. i like t.v. i watch kid stuff i guess, family guy, the simpsons, foster's home for imaginary friends, ed edd and eddy, that 70s show, scrubs, Run's House, south park, fresh prince, chapelle's show, music videos, sarah silverman program... i tried to get into skating but im too much of a little pussy for that shit! i shoulda never watched scarred! i really wanna learn to play the drums! that's something i KNOW i won't quit on! ABOUT ME: im not the talkitive, emotional type, that's why most people think im quiet. im really open minded, and i like meeting new people... but they better have something to say, and not too much to say, cuz i don't talk much, and i hate it when bitches don't know when to shut the fuck up! I LIKE: food, comedy, acting crazy/stupid, winning arguments, ICE CREAM!, candy, eye candy, music(of course), how karma works... I HATE!: fake gangsters!, people who are always bitchy, being mistaken for what im not, people who try too hard, discrimination, critics, stuck-up people, hot days/freezing cold days, when people keep reminding me of how short, light, or skinny i am

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Single
Ethnicity: Beaner!
Religion: Catholic
Children: not any time soon...i hope
Education: H.S.
Occupation: keepin my hoes on check!
Favorite Books: reading isn't really my thing!
Instruments Played: your mom!and your dad!and you!
Favorite Movies: too many to think of