Birthday: 03/12/1988 - 31 Yrs
Loc: Bryn Mawr, PA USA
Sex: Female

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they used to be: getting' down with my bad self. working hard and getting my hands dirty. travel. photography. eating chicken wings. some (most) are probably still relevant after all these years. i'm sure i'll find some more along the way. I CHALLENGE YOU TO A BORING PERSON CONTEST.

Other Information:

Relationship Status: Engaged
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: german.
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Education: getting' there, getting' there.
Occupation: high-end consignment management
Favorite Books: beowulf.
Instruments Played: violin. a little piano.
Favorite Movies: happiness. ferris bueller's day off. the room.
Pets: Dog
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[bleed_me_thin] [donaXnobisXpacem] [bloodlikewater] [rayray] [cousinrayray] [KILCHERTHESWITCH] [gossamer] [cousinrayray] [theycallherRay.] [GigglesMcDirtymind] [cousinrayray] [fatchance.] [fuckyouaurora] [c.rayray] [BEANCURD] [beancurd.] [crayayisBACK!] [cousinrayray] [Hrothgar.] [Mrs.K.] [ms.k.] [mochamistake] [stylishtaco] [mochamistake] [pleasureman] [zombiecatpickle] [warcrime] [WarCrimeRecords]