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so i've had a few changes of stuff i like, now we all love, hate, listen to music, sleep, eat... some get messsed up some people mess themselves up, some love to be loved, or are the unloved, sometimes play on swingsets or slides, sometimes go out on the town , of course going to shows and moshpits<3 and lets see, its always fun to be creative and write your thoughts down, i like to paint still and collaging with words, all forms of personal expression really, attempting to complete school, although i'd really like todo something science. its always fun to talk to new people and see what they like to do and who they are and if they're coool. theres alot of things about the world to dislike and i think i seee lots of them everyday so i appreciate the smallest insignificant things like a lovely sunset or walking by the sea, just being me is really what i do. and ill tell you this much - im openminded and fun to be around from what i've been told im prolly way to nice and i like alotts diffrent shit and i live right on the ocean and i wanna see the snow, i try to make time for everyone and im a downass bitch, if i like you thats great for you and if i hate you then what the fuuck did you do?? hahhahaaa i like people that can make me laugh and people that talk to me on aim. i'm simply me and i hope that's enough